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A few words about me

My passion revolves around psychotherapy and I am actively involved in academic research whilst staying informed with the latest developments in the field. Please see below some highlights of my background, interests, and areas of clinical expertise. 

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Background: Originally from Cyprus I moved to the UK when I was just 19 to study, pursue a new life, explore, and discover new worlds – both internal and external worlds. This ethos of the explorer of life is what I bring to my clinical practice.

I worked for many years in London's creative industry which taught me to be curious, go beyond the obvious, and pay attention to detail. I introduce these principles in the therapy room aiming to place both my client and myself on a path of co-discovery.


I qualified as an integrative psychotherapist which means I am trained in a number of therapeutic approaches such as psychoanalytic, existential, and humanistic. When it seems beneficial I may introduce elements from processes such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Mindfulness / Focusing. Irrespective of modalities, what my approach places at its core is my client. I strive to cultivate a relationship that is based on trust in an environment that is attentive and non-judgmental. And where you can express yourself freely, in full confidentiality and at a pace that suits you.

Areas of interest: My interests include trauma and anxiety because I increasingly see them affecting relationships, careers, day-to-day lives, and the ability to make decisions – often leaving us feel isolated and in low mood. What is unique about anxiety and trauma is exactly that – their uniqueness. They are and feel different to each one of us because they are deeply rooted in our personal experiences – past or present. My interests also include issues that are often encountered within the LGBTQ+ community – such as shame, addiction, and social or sexual identity.

Languages: English and Greek



BACP Individual Member: 00970077

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